Meet the team

Geoff Chapin

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Ellis

Chief Financial Officer

Allen McGonagill

Chief Strategy Officer

Felix Navarrete

President, Grupo ENSOL (collection services)

Jeff Yeh

Vice President, Sales

Danielle Hebert

Vice President, Human Resources and Finance

Carolan Navarro

Director, Laboratory

Emanuel Dinis

Scientist, Polymers

Jack Harrison

Director, Operations, Puerto Rico

Jonas Kunz

Director of Product, Agriculture

Magali Arnaud

Director of Product Management, Personal Care

Ross Tiefenthaler

Director of Product Management, Research and Development

Jon Wettack

Director, Operations, Mexico

José Luis González

Operations Supervisor

Juan O’Halloran

Senior Plant Manager, Puerto Rico

Rafael Carranza

Office Administrator, Mexico

Sara Santiago

Marketing Manager

Sebastián Aguilar

Sanitary License & Quality Control Manager, Mexico

Adriana Guzmán Dominguez

Lab Technician

Adriana Sánchez

Logistic Supervisor


Agur Arredondo

Regional Sales Manager, Agriculture

Alie White

Associate Director of Business Development

August Schelin

Product Manager, Agriculture

Bryan Díaz

Lab Technician

Carmen Aburto

Lab Technician

Carolina Fernández

Lab Technician

Damián Rodríguez

Operations Associate

Danielle Varnas

Associate Director of Business Development

Fernando Hernández

Lab Technician

Fernando Vázquez – Cosme

Operations Associate

Francisco Maqueda

Operations Coordinator

Jinellys Hernández – Rivera

Lab Technician

Jorge Meneses

Lab Coordinator

José Delgado

Operations Associate in Operations

Jose Luis Lopez

Sales Associate

Josue Escalante

Operations Associate

Juan Carlos Moreno

Operations Associate

Juan Ross

Lab Technician

Kermith Calvo Rodríguez

Operations Supervisor

Laura Sofía Colón – Solá

Lab Technician

Luis París

Sr. Associate Director, Operations

Luis Pescador Nieves

Lab Technician

Osvaldo Barriga

Human Resources Associate

Pedro Pérez

Operations Associate

Rodrigo Malagón

Logistics Associate