What we do

Seaweed provides a sustainable and regenerative platform to address CO2 sequestration, pollution and volatility from our climate emergency. Our systems-level approach means that every part of our operation - from collection to distribution - is geared at restoring vital ecosystems and supporting resilient circular economies.

Sarga Agriscience

Our seaweed derived fertilizers and plant performance boosters help soils and crops overcome challenges from environmental stresses like heatwaves, droughts, and soil exhaustion.

Leathers & Non-wovens

We’re creating a plant-based fabric that relies on the extraction of structural polymers to form films stronger than the seaweed itself and competitive with the strength of other vegan textiles, without relying on polyurethane (PU) plastic for structure and strength.

SeaBalance Emulsifiers

Our SeaBalance line of broad-spectrum emulsifiers have a wide range of applications across cosmetics and skin-care products. They’re truly natural: unlike emulsifiers used in cosmetics and personal health that are often made with harmful fossil fuel derivatives. SeaBalance solves this by utilizing an all-natural process to make an emulsifier that’s healthy to use, and healthy for the planet. C-Combinator emulsifiers are versatile by nature: they work with formulations ranging from pH 3.5 to pH 9, and are capable of emulsifying a wide variety of oils between 10% to 40% oil content.

Our Products

A new seaweed platform for carbon-neutral, innovative manufacturing

We have developed a model for a cascading biorefinery to create a range of products for agriculture, textiles, personal care and cosmetics. Our products help reduce and offset emissions from fossil fuels and traditional plastics, while minimizing waste.

cascading biorefinery product map