We’re the world’s leading developer of ultra-regenerative, plant-based, advanced biomaterials from seaweed

Sargassum doesn’t need land or other inputs to grow, making it an ultra-regenerative and adaptive plant-based resource. Our proprietary approach turns Sargassum – long considered waste – into materials that can restore soils and oceans, eliminate micro-plastic waste, and achieve carbon neutrality.

Our oceans are out of balance, exhausted by CO2, heat, and waste

Deforestation & water pollution have significantly increased nutrient runoff. In combination with warming oceans, it’s created the perfect conditions for seaweed blooms suffocating coastal ecosystems and disrupting communities and livelihoods. In the Atlantic and Caribbean, this has prompted the biggest seaweed boom in history.

Seaweed will power new ways of restoring balance to lands and oceans in the road to decarbonize our economies

Humanity generates more CO2 than the planet can handle, much of it already captured by oceans. A rise of 2,000 ppm by about 2240 (IPCC worst-case scenario) implies a civilization-threatening temperature rise of 9 degrees c (16F).


All latest data is reported as the number of molecules of carbon dioxide divided by the number of all molecules in air carbon, measured at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii.

Restore natural carbon sinks

Our integrated approach to regenerate soils and oceans aims to strengthen their natural ability as Carbon Sinks – all the while restoring their capacity to generate life – as critical habitats, fishing grounds, or farmland.

Create new Carbon capture, usage, and storage (CCUS)

The ocean is essential for reaching net-zero. By using seaweed, the fastest growing biomass on the planet, we are creating ways to achieve a new path to Gigaton-scale carbon capture.

Offer a path away from oil & toxic raw materials

Our materials not only replace toxic, petroleum-based products, but also create next-generation alternatives – from fertilizers to cosmetics, clothing to packaging – that improve on industry standards while reducing emissions.

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Rethinking economies through pioneering plant-based science

We’re one of the few global companies exploring the benefits of brown seaweed, and the only one with an integrated mass collection network and cascading processing operation ready to address the Sargassum emergency. This means scalable systems capable of supplying to a global economy with measurable positive environmental impact.

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Tons 1 Wet Sargassum
KG 183 CO2 Sequestered*
KM2 1.2 Naturally-Fertilized Land*
KG 45 Bioplastic Materials Replaced*

The following calculation is based on yearly agriculture standards per year

Global transformation starts with local adaptation

By creating a Upcycled economy that turns Sargassum from harmful waste to materials and products for local use, we are solving a key environmental catastrophe affecting communities from West Africa to the Caribbean in a truly sustainable way. This is specially relevant as tropical and subtropical nations – specially islands and coastal states – are particularly vulnerable to climate-related volatility and resource dependence.

Partners in restoring lands, oceans, and climate

We’re proud to partner with investors, research partners, and media as we reimagine a future that strengthens communities at risk of climate-collapse; facilitates more resilient and sustainable local economies, agriculture, and manufacturing; and restores the health of lands, oceans, and climate.