• Experience: 
    • As a dedicated Scientist, Emanuel deep-dives in the vast ocean of natural polymers. Emanuel brings over six years of experience steering these versatile natural tools toward industries like materials science, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, and environmental technology. His expertise sails across the production, recovery, and characterization of natural polymers from various ecosystems, including microbial, plant, and algae origins. Thriving in the academic undercurrents and the dynamic tides of startups, He has charted innovative paths in polymer applications, anchoring my work in a commitment to excellence and a tide of enthusiasm for sustainable and impactful solutions. 

    Education: MSc. Biomedical Science (drop off after four years PhD in membrane technology) 

    Hobbies: When Emanuel is not saving our beaches, he is an amateur wildlife paparazzo! 

    Favorite Sea Creature or Plant: The Couch Potato Whale! A mythical whale that’s really into binge-watching sea-anemone sitcoms and snacking on plankton popcorn. (Or the Axolotl, if you’re looking for a confirmed existent creature.)